Frequently Asked Questions

Boca Black Film Festival

Q: When and where is the Boca Black Film Festival?
A: The Boca Black Film Festival is Thursday, July 17, 2014- Saturday, July 19, 2014. The event will take place at the Boca Raton Marriott at Boca Center (5150 Town Center Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33486)

Q: Is there a cost to attend the festival?
A: Yes, festival passes may be purchased on the website under “Registration,” various options are available including 3-day passes or individual daily passes.

Q: What do the festival passes include?
A: Daily passes include workshops, film dialogue, panel discussions and screenings only for the date of purchase. The 3-day pass includes the awards luncheon (Saturday, July 19). If single-day pass is purchased, awards luncheon is an additional charge. Master classes are available for an additional charge

Q: Is festival registration refundable?
All purchases made are non-refundable but, you may transfer to another person after contacting the Boca Black Film Festival

Boca Black Film Festival Submissions

Q: How do I submit a film or script for the Boca Black Film Festival?
A: An application is available on the Boca Black Film Festival’s website under “Submissions.” You must download the application, complete it (MUST include signature), and upload the completed application to your computer. After, under the Submissions tab click submit, your computer’s email will pop-up which will allow you to submit your work.

Boca Black Film Festival Sponsorship

Q: Are sponsorship opportunities available?
A: Yes, under “Contact” sponsorship information is available to download. If more information is needed email info@BocaBlackFilm.org

Boca Black Film Festival Volunteers

Q: Can I volunteer with the Boca Black Film Festival?
A: Yes, student interested in volunteering with the Boca Black Film Festival may apply for opportunities. Students may download the application under “Contact.”